Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Whoops!!! Where did the time go?

Time compleatly escaped from me and I missed updating you all on the last few weeks. With vacations and different school events the kids have been all over the place! :)

The students in grades K-6 have been focusing on over hand throwing lately. I wanted them to really focus on the technique and nothing more. We worked on two different techniques. The make a T and swim techniques as well as our phone call technique, ask the kids to show you :) they are pretty good! 

Junior high was exposed to STX ball, which is just the school version of Lacrosse. They really seemed to take to it and had a lot of fun. This week they are working on hockey, which has also seemed to be a faveorite.

High school I have been trying to give them small group activities to give them more movement time compared to their usual individual workouts. 

                                       -Miss Bauer

Friday, October 2, 2015


The week started off well. All classes were engaging in their material and putting previous content into action. Then on Wednesday I went home sick. The classes participated in games from past weeks and just worked on their activity for the week. Very little new concepts were gone over due to my lack of presence. Next week I hope to get back into it and introduce new ideas to each class.

To end the week in 7-8 we played Basket Friz. In this game they were able to put strategy and frisbee skills into action.

                                                                                                                -Miss Bauer

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Junior High Fitness

6-8 Soccer Skills

5 down!

It looks like week five is now in the books. Its hard to believe that we are already half way though the first quarter. PE is still going very smoothly. It is a rare day when I hear a complaint from the students. I do have to admit though, I receive at least 2 requests a DAY asking to play some form of dodge ball......

Soccer is wrapping up this week and we will be moving on to a new unit for all k-8.

                                                                                       -Miss Bauer

Friday, September 18, 2015

Fridays events in the Elementary

Stretching getting warmed up for the day! 5-6th gradePlaying Sugar and Fats Nutrition Tag! k-2 grade. 

Week 4! My Oh MY.

This week has been outstanding. The students in K-6 are learning all about using their feet to manipulate a soccer ball. Each class learned what the difference between passing and kicking was. On top of that we also had multiple days practicing how to dribble with our feet. We discussed what part of our feet to use with each cue and body alignment. Everyone seemed to really have a blast and work hard. We are continuing to talk about what it means to strengthen our heart with exercise in K-2. They defiantly have it down :)!!!! Without fail every time we transition from our Cardio activity to our skill for the day, there is always at least one student who is checking their heart rate. I LOVE IT!

Junior High is also learning the ins and outs of manipulating a soccer ball. A much more high level of it though of course. They are learning how to trap, pass, and move effectively. One of the days we played Soccer Baseball. This game required them to only be able to pass the ball to each other by using their feet. The game got intense and the students worked hard. I was very happy to see them all working together to accomplish the task. On Friday we played Amazing Race. The students were able to review for their History test while getting exercise. For the most part the students seemed to enjoy it!

High school started their Individual Workout Plans this week. They were a little hesitant to start but by day 3 they had a routine. On Fridays I have them reflect. They look at how their plan worked for them and what they wish to modify and why. I also asked them to take into consideration their nutrition throughout the week. By the end of the semester my hope is that they are able to see all the correlations within their body and how they use it.

                                                                                        -Miss Bauer