Wednesday, August 19, 2015

K-12 Physical Education!!

Welcome! My name is Miss. Bauer, I am the new Health and Physical Education teacher. This year I will be teaching and encouraging the students how to find resources in their community and surrounding areas to be active year long and LIFE long.

K-6 will have in depth skill work and cognitive activities. This means they will be connecting lessons learned in their individual classrooms with fitness activities. Along with that they will be learning about health simultaneously. I want to give your child the building blocks to be healthy and active individuals their whole life.

Junior High will be learning about Strategy Fitness. In this program they will be working on their skills as well as how to apply concepts of offense and defense. We will be pausing frequently during activity to start the year to discuss possibilities and what outcomes may come from them. Once the year gets going there will be less pausing and more activity because the processing will become second nature.

High School will be engaged in Lifelong Activities. While participating in this class the students will be immersed in activities such as; Frisbee Golf, Wally ball, Stack golf, etc... This is in hopes of finding something everyone will further their involvement in after they graduate.

Each one of these programs is helping to reach very specific standards and benchmarks for each age group. I would love to discuss it further with anyone who may have questions, students and parents.

Hope to hear from you with questions, concerns, or just to get acquainted!

                                                                                                    -Miss. Bauer

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