Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 1

Well week one started off GREAT!

The students in K-6 were fantastic. We did not have a specific outcome for the week. My goal was to get the students use to my teaching style. They were introduced to new games, warm-ups, and activities. K-2 worked on movement patterns and directions while 3-6 focused more on cardiovascular health and health vocab.

With the high school group we had to do a little remodeling to the course. They will still be learning about Lifetime fitness but not by being exposed to multiple activities. They will now be learning how to create individual fitness plans and how to effectively use them.

The Junior high learned about flexibility this week. We started out by doing a little gymnastics. They seemed a little unsure to start but they all ended up participating wonderfully.  We also had a class about alignment and the fundamentals of body posture.

I'm excited for week 2! I hope they are too.
                                                                                                   -Miss Bauer

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