Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Whoops!!! Where did the time go?

Time compleatly escaped from me and I missed updating you all on the last few weeks. With vacations and different school events the kids have been all over the place! :)

The students in grades K-6 have been focusing on over hand throwing lately. I wanted them to really focus on the technique and nothing more. We worked on two different techniques. The make a T and swim techniques as well as our phone call technique, ask the kids to show you :) they are pretty good! 

Junior high was exposed to STX ball, which is just the school version of Lacrosse. They really seemed to take to it and had a lot of fun. This week they are working on hockey, which has also seemed to be a faveorite.

High school I have been trying to give them small group activities to give them more movement time compared to their usual individual workouts. 

                                       -Miss Bauer

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